Cynthia van de Loo is a Canterbury based freelance artist/photographer. Being creative has been a life long passion of Cynthia’s. She has had guidance from both parents who are also artists, and has studied both art and photography at Canterbury University.

Releasing the feelings in her subconscious has allowed her to experience creating the human form on a mental, physical and spiritual level, both in abstract and realistic genres. Cynthia uses creativity as a revealing process, for her it is an inner experience where she can explore the true self. This expression of feelings is intuitive and spontaneous providing many healing insights that allow her works to continually evolve.

She has developed in this area through one on one tutoring with Helm Ruifrok as well as attending classes at Canterbury University with Grant Brambury.
The uses of many diverse mediums in previous art works from oils to volcanic rock are all a good bases for the new art works to come.

Much of her photography is sold as Gicle’e works. She has gathered expertise through tuition to an advanced level and has worked in the dark room on monochrome, photojournalism, slide sandwiching, multiple exposures, sports and transferring images on different mediums.

Cynthia van de Loo has the aspiration to capture timeless treasures so that we are able to hold on to memories that may soon perish or recreate themselves into some other form.
The use of slide film and printing onto canvas gives her the opportunity to experiment and add a new dimension.

Alongside Cynthia’s artworks she also specializes in Commercial and Portrait photography. She is involved in company marketing including brochures, posters, magazines, web sites and family portraits.